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Welcome to EQINITY SAS

We thank you for using the websites, the softwares, the products, the services (hereinafter the “Services”) offered by EQINITY SAS (hereinafter EQINITY), whose registered office is located at 10 Rue de Penthièvre, 75008 Paris, registered at the French Companies Register under number 810 903 435, provider of the Services.

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By using our Site or our Services, you accept these General Terms and Conditions of Sale (hereinafter the “GTC”) and we thank you for reading them.

EQINITY offers you a set of personalized services which have specific conditions of use. The GTC and the special conditions of use of a service constitute the Conditions of Sale of this service. When you use a personalized service offered to you, you accept both the GTC and the special conditions of this personalized service.

Use of this website

EQINITY offers personalized Services exclusively for its corporate or professional customers (hereinafter the “Customers”). EQINITY does not provide Services to non-professional individuals.

The content published on this Site and which can be accessed from the Internet is communicated by EQINITY for information only.

Cookies are small files stored on your computer which, for example, make it possible to improve navigation on a website according to your preferences. Cookies do not allow you to be identified personally. On this Site, we use certain cookies in order to offer you an optimal browsing experience and to allow you to access the Services that we provide to you. You must therefore accept the use of cookies in order to access the Site.

You can, if you wish, erase cookies linked to the consultation of the Site each time you leave this Site. In order to erase cookies, all you need to do is consult the help of your browser.

In order to obtain personalized information in relation to its context, each Client must first obtain a private access from EQINITY. This access can be requested through the Site. EQINITY reserves the right to assign or not this private access.

The information contained in this Site is not provided with the intention of replacing the opinions on any particular field of EQINITY’s professionals. To obtain these opinions, you should consult an EQINITY professional in the relevant field through a private access provided for this purpose.

Due to the nature of digital communications, EQINITY cannot guarantee that viewing of the Site will not be delayed, interrupted, or that the Site will be free of errors, malwares or that the information provided is relevant or exhaustive. The information made available to you is provided to you “as is”, without any guarantee of any kind.

Whatever use is made of the Site or the Services, EQINITY, its managers, employees, suppliers or distributors will under no circumstances be liable for direct or indirect damages of any kind, including including liability for loss of use of the Site or Services, loss of data, financial loss, loss of income, loss of profits or special damages , indirect, exemplary or punitive.

EQINITY and the EQINITY logo are registered trademarks of their respective owners. The content of the Site is protected by copyright. The content of the Site may not be modified, broadcast, reproduced or used for personal, public or commercial purposes without the written consent of EQINITY. To obtain this written consent, please send us a request by clicking on the “Contact” link.

In the event that the information provided contains links to third party sites, EQINITY is not responsible for and has no control over these sites or their content. EQINITY reserves the right to remove a link leading to a third party site without notice.

The creation of links that use the logo, the EQINITY trademark or links that access any page or content of the Site are subject to the written consent of EQINITY. To obtain this written consent, please send us a request by clicking on the “Contact” link.

Use of the Services

You must accept the special conditions of use made available to you in the Services.

In order to function, any Service must be activated by you. Activation of a Service may generate a request for payment of the Service upon activation and / or during the operation of the Service and / or a security deposit. Failure to pay for a Service for which payment is required results in its termination without it being necessary for EQINITY to inform you in advance of this termination. The Services are payable in advance, according to the payment terms offered to you in the specific conditions of use made available to you in each Service. The correct receipt of payment must be verified by EQINITY in order to enable the activation or continuation of a Service.

A service is deemed to be delivered to the Customer upon notification of its activation by EQINITY to the Customer on the Site. For information, a confirmation of this activation is also sent by email to the Customer.

Any service not canceled in writing at least thirty (30) working days before the start of the service is due in full from the date of cancellation and payable upon receipt of the invoice.

All services including support are, for their part, due in their entirety from the date of order.

In the event of late payment, without obligation to send a reminder, in accordance with article L441-6 of the Commercial Code, a penalty will be applied calculated at an annual rate of 12% without this rate being less than 3 times the legal interest rate. A lump sum recovery indemnity of 250 Euros excluding tax will also be payable. Payment before the due date will not create any additional discount.

You agree to make good use of the EQINITY Site and Services. In this regard, you agree in particular not to take the following actions (non-exhaustive list):

Bypass in any way any security or authentication measures;

Access, modify or use non-public areas or elements of the Site or the Services that you are not invited to access;

Disrupt or interrupt the Site or the Services, by sending data, malware, emails in any form whatsoever;

Access the Services by a means other than the interfaces made available to you;

Use the Site or the Services to send communications, promotions or advertisements without having first obtained the written consent of EQINITY. To obtain this written consent, please send us a request by clicking on the “Contact” link;

  • Use communications by email, links or any other means to send modified or misleading information;
  • Abusive use of EQINITY’s promotional offers to gain more access to the Services than you are normally entitled to;
  • Abusing the Services with the aim of obtaining any advantage whatsoever, not previously authorized by EQINITY;
  • Resell the Services or private accounts allowing access to the Services through distribution methods not previously authorized with the written consent of EQINITY. To obtain this written consent, please send us a request by clicking on the “Contact” link;
  • Use automation or other techniques to attempt to create private accounts en masse or to access the Services through other means than the interfaces made available to you by EQINITY;
  • Record, publish or share content that is inappropriate or does not comply with the laws and regulations in force in your country or in the European Union;
  • Use the Services in a way that distracts you or prevents you from complying with safety regulations (for example when driving a vehicle or while carrying out a professional or private activity);

You are responsible for the private access made available to you by EQINITY. In the event of non-compliance with the GTC, EQINITY reserves the right to deactivate all or part of the private access made available to you. If you learn of an unauthorized use of your password or your private EQINITY access, please let us know by clicking on the “Contact” link;

The fact of using the Site or the Services does not give you any intellectual property rights in the Site, the Services or the content to which you access.

As part of your use of the Site or the Services, you agree that we send you service messages, administrative messages or other information.

EQINITY may suspend or stop the Services, add or remove functionality or features. You also agree that your access to the Site or the Services will be deactivated from time to time by EQINITY, in particular for maintenance reasons.

You can stop using a Service at any time, under the conditions provided for in that Service. EQINITY may also stop providing Services to you, or add or create new limits to the Services at any time. Where possible, we will give you reasonable notice when we terminate or limit the use of a Service. Any month started in the case of the use of a service is due in full.

If the particular conditions of use that apply to a Service provide for an activity or a deliverable after a period (month, quarter, semester, year, etc.) and the Service is interrupted for any reason whatsoever Before the end of this period, the Customer accepts that no activity or any deliverable will be communicated to him by EQINITY.

EQINITY provides Services with a high level of quality and skills. However, EQINITY does not make any commitment on the content of the Services, their reliability, their availability, or their ability to meet your needs. EQINITY does not make any commitment to result. The Services are provided to you “as is”.

The total liability of EQINITY, its suppliers and distributors, for any claim under these terms, including any implied warranties, is limited to the amount you paid to us for the use the Services, to be credited as a non-refundable discount on any amount due for the use of our services.


Merci de nous communiquer vos coordonnées ainsi que votre demande, nous vous contacterons. Please let us know your request and details, we'll contact you.

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