Eqinity enables any Business-Technology transformation

deal with unusual events & operational risks

Eqinity, integrated consulting in business-technology change management

Use habits, change the tradition

Companies have traditions, habits in the conduct of their activities, it is what is their strength, their singularities in their markets. Faced with projects of transformation Business-Technology, energies tend to be over-allocated to “traditional” approaches. Eqinity identifies promising new approaches underestimated precisely because they do not fit the tradition but can rely on the habits. So, Eqinity relies on such habits to put in place Business-Technology change, in all its key components: storytelling, communication, design, acculturation, implementation.

Eqinity gives us a different angle of view absolutely necessary when these Business-Technology transformations are complex or seem insurmountable

Eqinity brings a unique combination of integrated solutions to meet emergencies and stabilize any business-technology changes :

  • Service Container®
  • Flexquare®
  • Solvenity®
  • Transformation Readiness®
  • As a Cloud®
  • Digital Applied®


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